The Village

Rummage Island

We are currently developing a master plan for the Pirate Village. It is our hopes to create smaller units or spaces that would be used as storefront shops. These shops and business locations would help create an active and engaging area inside Isla Tesoro resort. The village would have the ability to pull additional visitors from other resorts drawing them in by providing them a place to stop by and grab the supplies one might need to make personal meals at home and offering the opportunity to stay and watch their children play at the shipwrecked water playground or get a refreshing cocktail at the margarita bar.

Rummage Island - The Village
Rummage Island • The Village - Conceptual Image Only

This vision will be expanded upon while maintaining the exciting and adventurous atmosphere of a pirate themed resort.


The Potential of Rummage Island

The village has the potential to supply fresh local fruits, vegetables and fresh bread for its guests and neighbors giving them the option to shop at the resort as opposed to traveling all the way to town to grab a few things for lunch or breakfast. A café and patisserie would provide guests with delicious fresh cupcakes, muffins, and scones to complement their favorite cup of java in the morning for breakfast or an afternoon snack.  Other amenities could include, a tobacco and cigar shop, gift shop, general store, taco bar, sandwich hut, rum and ale house, margarita bar, and art gallery. The Village is also an exceptional location to place a rental kiosk where guests would obtain kayaks, snorkel gear, stand up paddle boards, float tubes, and bicycles. Other shops could be used for travel and tours to explore the other adventures that Belize has to offer including, diving, snorkeling, fishing and even trips to Caye Chapel for a round of golf. The resort gym and workout facilities, yoga studio, spa and massage, boutiques and wedding planning offices and meeting rooms could also find a home residing within the village.


The Pools and Playgrounds

Waterfalls and pools will flow freely through the site providing a uniquely creative style of outdoor landscape for fun activities. A special area of the property will provide a safe environment for families and kids to play together and explore the partially sunken pirate ship. You can walk the plank diving below the waters to examine the shipwreck or play on the deck with the water cannons, rope swing, water slide and spray-grounds. Water features include:

  • Zero Entry Pools
  • Water Cannons
  • Water Slides
  • Water falls
  • Rope swing
  • Pirate Plank
  • Spray grounds for younger children
  • Floating balance rocks to get from the ship to shore
  • **Currently under schematic development and is subject to change and be expanded upon**

The Speakeasy

There is something alluring about a discrete and private bar. Speakeasies have transformed since prohibition and have become modern locations for those who yearn for a finely crafted cocktail within a respectable lounge environment. Isla Tesoro's speakeasy will adhere to tradition by utilizing a discrete entry and creating a respectable environment while making visitors feel part of an exclusive clientele. Patrons will be immersed by the intimate tones and dim lighting from chandeliers above as golden tones are reflected off the tin ceiling bathing the space in a warm honey glow. Seating with luxurious fabrics and heavy plush curtains fall from the ceiling along the back walls help turn voices to a whisper.  It is our desire that the speakeasy will satisfy the feeling of becoming part of an exclusive clientele by providing superbly crafted drinks in a gracefully sophisticated location.

The Speakeasy Bar
The Speakeasy Bar - Conceptual Image Only

Divine Dining

Ambergris Caye has an exceptional natural environment teeming with exotic fish, conch and lobsters. Our fine dining experience will focus on what Belize is well known for—seafood paired with the freshest ingredients indigenous to the country and from our local markets. The restaurant will be situated on the lowest level of the one of the Captain’s Ships surrounded by the cooling water of the salt water pool and constantly supplied by the beautiful ocean views, sunsets and all the elegant natural beauty of Ambergris Caye.

Spa & Wellness Bar

The full service Spa will offer a range of revitalizing treatments with a touch of Caribbean flavor. After Exploring the magical underwater world of the reef, guests can enjoy a soothing; scented oil massage to leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Yoga, Pilates and personal training will also be available.